At Asia Vacation Group, we don’t want any of our customers to be upset. Therefore, we are committed to ensure complaints from customers are handled with care. ‘Fairness’ and ‘Sufficient Materials’ are our principle when dealing with customer complaints.
  • Fairness: the complaint will be handled without bias. Fairness will be ensured to the complainants, our company, and also the person that complaint is made against if any.
  • Sufficient materials: customers might be asked to provide documentary evidence to help verify the facts. We only do this to ensure the matter is resolved thoroughly, and customers satisfy with the results.
To properly understand your complaint and make appropriate actions in coherent to it, we will require you to provide us as much related information as possible to the staff handling your case. This will be recorded and delivered to appropriate person for support.
We understand that timely response is critical, therefore you will receive a response from the staff assigned to handle your case within 5 business days, counting from the day the complaint has been received. We will also be responsible for provide details of your complaint investigation, and suggest reasonable time frame when we believe that fair and reasonable solutions will be counseled to resolve the problem.
In order to ensure our company’s continuous improvement, we will retain a record of all complaints made and their outcome. That clear, documented communication will allow us to refer back to it as a source of truth and avoid misunderstandings when dealing with recurring problems of our company.

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