If you’re looking for something a little different, South Korea is still a “to-be-discovered” destination in South East Asia. But don’t put it off because travelers are becoming increasingly interested in this fast-growing nation which boasts the 3rd largest economy in the region and is home to many household brand names. Those who make the journey will be rewarded with the near perfect travel combination of 5000 years of history, culture, festivals, city, beach and amazing cuisine. So get off the beaten track and discover a vibrant nation which mixes old world charm with a modern twist.


Over 51 million people (according to UN data)


1 KRW = 0.00127 NZD

Time Difference

- South Korea is 3 hours later than Christchurch, Queenstown, Auckland, Wellington

Flight Duration

- 12 hours 45 minutes or more depend on Airlines and stops


- Korean
- English
- Japanese

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