Tokyo in a Day

Dec 09, 2016

Make the most of your time in Tokyo with our list of things you should see on your visit to this bustling city.


Tsukiji Fish Market

Tsukiji Fish Market – The world’s busiest and biggest fish market by far needs to be seen to be believed and yes that means you will need to try having your Sushi for breakfast. You will be needing to wake early for this one or not go to bed at all as you must register at 4.30am as it is a first come first served basis and limited to 120 visitors.


The Imperial Palace

The Imperial Palace – It is the official residence of The Imperial Family with the current Emperor of Japan being the only reigning monarch in the world.  The Palace is surrounded by walls with gates, gardens, moats and traditional buildings such as not only the residence of the monarch but museums as well.


Bird’s Eye view of the City

Tokyo Tower – Inspired by the Eiffel Tower is stands 333 metres high it is the world’s tallest self-supported tower. Use the lift or take the 600 step staircase to the observation level where you can get a bird’s eye view of the surrounding city. If visibility is good you can see MT Fuji in the distance.


Yoyogi Park in full bloom

Visit Yoyogi Park – Not only is it full of activity and people practising the art of things such as Tai Chi, if you are lucky enough to go in Spring (late April to early May) you will get to see the natural beauty of the park in full bloom with fragrant Cherry Blossom flowers blanketing not only the park but most of Japan.


Sumo Style

Sumo Wrestling: Where else can you see such a sport other than in Japan. Be sure to purchase tickets in advance and tournaments do sell out quickly although you could try to pick up a ticket on the day as they do release a few more on the day.

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